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Norgesmestere i Lacrosse 2017!

Norwegian Champions 2016!


The boys brought the first ever Kongepokal in Norwegian History home!

Big thanks to NTNUI Lacrosse for a good and tough match – probably the most exciting Norwegian mens final in history!
Now we CELEBRATE! ‪#‎firsteeverkongepokalinnorwegianlacrossehistory‬ ‪#‎oslolacrosse‬

Winter and Spring lacrosse – NM 2016 Group stages

NM 2016 was split into 1st and 2nd division. Seeding from NM 2015 placed Oslo in division 1.

Grimstad – Division one

NM 2016 started of in Grimstad right 23rd – 25th of October 2015.
Oslo met NTUNi, GSI Grizzlies and BI Chiefs.
Tough matchups, but after the weekend was over Oslo could count three wins and good positioning for the next group stages in March 2016.

Kristiansand – Group Stages

Winning division 1. Oslo was to face 4th place in division 2 – NHHi. Lots of new guys with potenial who gave it their all, but inevitably Oslo took a fairly easy victory over a young NHHi team.
Next up was HiOA whom Oslo has played frequently since we’re both located in Oslo. A team with a lot of heart who came to Kristiansand to play good and tough lacrosse.
The game was close the entire 80 minutes and it was clear that HiOA wanted to win this. But in the end, Oslo came out on top with an 8-5 win.
Good game by Kings of HiOA.


Team Photo from Kristiansand – Step-in-goalie Dan Scolaro enjoying his moment of glory!



Next up in the NM is the Final four in Oslo – Late June 2016.
Come and cheer us on!

3rd in Europe(!) – Ken Gallucio Cup 2015

Ghent – Belgium, September 2015.

This weekend in september the Legends pulled out an awesome achievement, 3rd place in Ken Gallucio Cup – the European Club Championships.

With a 4-1 record, losing only to the reigning champions – Stockport Lacrosse, the Legends took on Amsterdam Lacrosse in the Bronze-final and claimed our spot on the podium.

Oslo Legends Ghent Team 2015

The Oslo Legends team in ghent september 2015! Missing players: Thomas and Jerome

This September we took a strong team to Ghent and the Ken Galluccio Cup – European Club Championships.
We shared group with teams from central Europe such as Stuttgart and a mixed Belgium team.
We started off versus a group of less experienced guys in a mixed Belgian team since LC Radoutin had to pull their team shortly before the tournament. They hustled and fought, but being a team put together at the last minute it was clear that it would be a tough game for them. Final score 12-0 in favor Oslo Legends.

Playing Stuttgart for the group final it was evident that we met a more experienced team. The level of lacrosse increased and we got a much closer game. Stuttgart brought a good squad with many talented players. Although in the end the Legends were able to pull away with a one goal win and claiming #1 in the group stages.


Team spirit were good inbetween games. Erlend «Earl» Hoel showing off som dancing skills to CP

Winning our group meant that we would face #2 in group 3 – Vienna Monarchs – for the quarter finals.
Vienna Monarchs had big and solid squad in Ghent. A good game, but the Legends pulled away to end on a 6-3 winning score, ready for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, we faced the strongest, oldest and most merited team the Legends have faced in any game to date.
Also the defending European champions – Stockport Lacrosse established as a lacrosse club in 1876. have a long history of lacrosse in England.
No doubt this was going to be a hard game, but we were not going to make it easy on them.

Coming out of the starting blocks running, the Legends gave a big shock putting down the two first goals of the game.
1st quarter score was 2-1,  2nd quarter 3-3, final score 7-3.
Fighting hard, disciplined and with a calm for most of the game we gave them a run for the money. But in the last quarter Stockport drew advantage of all their game-experience since 1876 and put three goals for the final win. Solid game by both teams.

Losing the semi-finals we got to play Amsterdam in the bronze-final. A big club on the European mainland with a lot of talent. The goal of making the podium within reach, only Amsterdam in the way.

A two quarter game where the first quarter was a close 2-1 lead by the Legends – then the Legends pulled away putting 4 goals in the net only conceding one for the 6-2 win and the 3rd place secured.

Oslo and Amsterdam after the bronze-final

Oslo with the best placement in Ken Galluccio by any Norwegian team to date.

Certainly happy with the results – but always wanting more – we hope to be back next year for more good lax!

Stockport went on the win the tournament 9-2 vs Farsta.

Shoutout to the ladies from NTNUi Lacrosse for giving us support on the side-lines


Celebrating with belgium beer




Two guys in the box in the last quarter vs Stockport – a smug canadian


Coach R. tasting the metal like a true Viking


Oslo – 25th April 2015.
Oslo Legends Lacrosse take a new Norwegian Championship title after defeating Grimstad Grizzlies in the semi-final and NTNUi in the final!


The Oslo Legends played Grimstad Grizzlies for a tough match friday 24th. The Grizzlies put up quite a match but in the end the Legends pulled through 10-9.

In the final we faced NTNUi who came out of a solid win vs BI Chiefs in their Semi-Final. Proving to be a solid team who earned their place in the final – they fought hard through all 80 minutes. But in the end the Legends saw it through with an 8-5 win, defending the title from 2014!

Everyone played awesome and the guys were happy to be able to pop open the beers and celebrate that night!


Final Four 2015 – Who will bring home the trophy?

Today – 24th of April, the Final Four NM 2015 kicks off.
By tomorrow night we will know who the best lacrosse-team in Norway is.
Oslo Legends is defending champions and we will do our best to bring the trophy home.

These are the teams in the running for the trophy on the mens side:

BI Bergen LacrossseBI Chiefs

– Reigning student champions. 2nd place in the group stages in Bergen. We beat them 8-0 in the 2×20 minute game. Have a couple of key players in midfield and defense that needs attention. Will be facing the winner from the group stages in Trondheim – NTNUi in the 1st semifinal @ 1530 today.




– One of the strongest teams in lacrosse-Norway the last few years. Won the NM title in 2013 in a dramatic and exciting final game @ Fornebu. Ended in 3rd place in the NM 2014 and won their group in Trondheim in March. A team with a lot of talent and dedication, wanting to reclaim the throne that they won in 2013. In our view – have the ugliest team colors and jerseys in lacrosse-Norway YTD(no offense guys –you’re bound NTNUi Colors!). Is one of the favorites to reach the final @ 1500 Saturday. We hope to see them there, facing the Legends. Will be facing reigning student champions BI Chiefs @ 1530 today.


GSI GrizzliesGSI Grizzlies

– Grizzlies from Grimstad. A group of dedicated players that have taken a huge step up on the last few years. Came 2nd in Trondheim, just behind NTNUi.. The last year the Grizzlies have put down a lot of hard work in practice, practice-games and recently a practice-weekend in England with Hillcroft Lacrosse. Never the less, they are considered an outsider to take the title this year, but as the great Justin Bieber would say it – “Never say never”. Also have a strong womens team who won all their games in Trondheim and are one of the teams to watch out for the womens NM title. Will face the Legends @ 1900 today.


247277_191584924226158_3466914_nOslo Legends


Well, that’s us! Reigning NM champions and defending the title. We have 7 NM titles from the last 8 years, hoping to make this the 8th. In our first game of the weekend we are facing GSI Grizzlies @ 1900 tonight.
They will profit from the fact of having young students with fresh legs that can run all day. We will see if they can match the routine from the old Legends. We will with no doubt see a team that will be moving a lot, with and without the ball. Our goal is to get as many ball behind their goalie along with keeping their shots out of ours. Come check out the game tonight and cheer on the Legends!

We have some new guys on the squad that are ready to play their first final four with the Legends:

Magnus Ullern, Attack – previously a UiA Stud – now a Legendary stud with a good right but even better left. Is a fan of the saying: Gingers are smarter than the rest, no protest! A lacrosse-addict that you can recognize through the huge smile he gets when he’s on the field.

Kristian Kongelf Jensen, Middie – miracle kid starting off by himself last summer wallballing in the backyard, now with goals from an international tournament in Riga and 2 goals in the net in the group games in Bergen. Bright lacrosse-future ahead!

Hans-Arne Hånes, Defense – Like Luis Figo, going from Barcelona to Real Madrid, Hansa(after graduating from NTUNi) has made the switch from NTNUi to Oslo Legends. A really tall guy with huge reach and impeccable defensive skills, no doubt a good addition to the Legends defense. You’ll see that yellow helmet amongs the Legends if you ever wonder where he is. Loves his old club and teammates there, but will not yield an inch on the field even so. Not the first to say so, but he has a dream scenario of meeting NTNUi in the final and score the winning goal with a killer shot just before full time. Time will show!


You can find the link to the facebook-event here!

And a map to where the games will be played!

BI Oslo is setting up shop and selling cake, burgers, chocolate and sodas! But they only accept cash – so Cash is King!

The Battle of Bjørgvin – a recap of group games in Bergen!

On the 20th – 22nd of March the Legends played 4 games in Bergen.
Here we faced BI Chiefs, BI Lions, HiOA Kings and the NHHI Norsemen.


Oslo Legends after group games in Bergen!

Day one

BaggasjeThe weekend started off with logistics trouble as all of our longpoles and goale-sticks were sent in a separate bag that was left behind at Gardermoen. Fortunately players from BI Lions, BI Chiefs and NHHI Norsemen helped us out for the first game!

HiOA Lacrosse


In our first game we met one of the teams from Oslo, HiOA Kings. We started off a little sloppy, but quickly gained momentum and started putting goals in the net ending up at a comfortable 7-2 win.



5 minutes after the first game the pole-bag arrived, express delivered to the field and our poles and goalie could play with our own sticks again!

BI Bergen LacrossseSecond game we played we faced BI Chiefs. Chiefs coming back to Bergen from StudentLekene in Trondheim a month earlier as champions of the student teams. Lacking some players from the SL in Trondheim, and with the Legends just gaining momentum from the previous game an hour earlier, it was going to be a hard fight for the Chiefs. Oslo Legends put 8 goals in the net and Erlend Hoel in goal made some great saves to keep the goal clear.

Day one and the Legends are 2 & 0.

 Day Two

First game starting at 1300, so the guys could get a good nights sleep and get ready for the games on saturday.

Bi Oslo Lions LacrosseGame one on Saturday we faced BI Lions, another Oslo team. They were also short a couple of players, LSM Eric Francis L’Estrange out with an injury that set them back. But the rest of the Lions put up a good fight. In the end the Legends routine pulled through with a  6-1 W for the Legends.



NHHILast game of the weekend, we played NHHI Norsemen, coming out with a lot of new eager guys willing to give the Legends a run for the W.

A game where our rookie, Kristian Kongelf Jensen got his first goal in a Norwegian Championship. Game ended with a 6 – 0 win for the Legends.

After 4 games over the last two days the Legends ended with 4 W’s, thus qualifying for the Final Four.


After 4 consequtive wins the guys got back to Bergen for beers and banquet – celebrating!
And did so whilst in the spirit of Lionel Richie – All night long!








24-25th of April is the NM Final Four at Fornebu! Get there to catch the action!

More on the final four later – check out the facebook-event here!

Norwegian Championships 2015!

In the coming weeks the group stages for the Norwegian Championships take place in Kristiansand and Bergen. The best teams in the nation embark on a battle that will go through two weekends in March for the spots to the final four in  April. This weekend in April two teams –  womens and mens team – will be crowned as Norwegian Champions 2015.

Kristiansand Group Stage

Already next weekend, 13th-15th of march, a number of teams go to head to head in Kristiansand for the first group-stage in the Norwegian Championships.

The best teams from this round will face the best teams coming out of Bergen a week later.

Who will take it all the way in Kristiansand?

GSI Cubs
KSI Cherokees
BSI Owls

UiA Studs
GSI Grizzlies
UiSI Redhawks


Will the Legends defend their title?

A week after the dust from Kristiansand settles,  two weeks from now, the Legends head off to Bergen to play their group-stages.

Oslo Legends is the defending champions on the men side, so the weekend 20th-22nd of march will be very important in order to advance to the final four in April.  Being defending champions it should come as no secret that our goal is play hard this weekend and come home with a ticket to the Final four! We have a group of very capable players that are eager to hit the field and play some good hard lacrosse!

The games will be plays on full field, 2×20 minutes with 3 minute halftime break. Each team get a on minute time-out per game.

Directions and game schedule can be found below.


The Legends will face the following teams this weekend:

BI Chiefs
BI Lions
HiOA Kings
NHHI Norsemen

This weekend you’re also able to catch womens lacrosse in action as well! The following teams go head to head:

BI Lionesses
HiOA Queens
NHHI Vixens
BI Cheetahs

Hosting the group-stages this weekend is NHHi Lacrosse and NHHi Vixen Lacrosse and the games will take place at Fyllingsdalen stadion.

Its going to be a weekend filled with a lot of good lacrosse and tough competition, so make sure you find yourself in Bergen and @Fyllingsdalen Stadion!
See map below for directions, and schedule to find the time when your team hits the field!


Game schedule

Friday 20th of March

Time Home vs Away
1300 NHHI Vixens vs BI Cheetahs
1400 HiOA Kings vs BI Lions
1500 BI Lionesses vs NHHI Vixens
1600 BI Chiefs vs NHHI Norsemen
1700 HiOA Queens vs BI Cheetahs
1800 Oslo Legends vs HiOA Kings
1900 BI Lions vs NHHI Norsemen
2000 Oslo Legends vs BI Chiefs


Saturday 21st of March

Time Home vs Away
0900 BI Chiefs vs BI Lions
1000 HiOA Queens vs BI Lionesses
1100 HiOA Kings vs NHHI Norsemen
1200 BI Cheetahs vs BI Lionesses
1300 BI Lions vs Oslo Legends
1400 HiOA Queens vs NHHI Vixens
1500 BI Chiefs vs HiOA Kings
1600 NHHI Norsemen vs Oslo Legends
1700 Mix Unisex 1 vs Mix Unisex 2

You can find a link to the facebookevent here!

We hope to see you there cheering for the Legends!



Legends out!






Nytt år – Nye muligheter!

Treningene for Legends starter igjen denne uken.
Hver onsdag blir vi å finne på Bjølsenbanen(på Voldsløkka) fra kl 20:30 – 22:00 frem til April.

For de som er interesserte i å joine treningen så er det muligheter for det. Send oss en melding enten på hjemmesiden vår eller på facebook.

Ny hjemmeside

Velkommen til Oslo Legends sine nye hjemmesider!
Mye er allerede på plass, men sidene vil i tiden fremover oppdateres med bilder og annen aktuell informasjon om laget.

Skulle det være behov for å ta kontakt med oss kan du kontaktinformasjon under «Kontakt».

Ellers kan du og besøke Oslo Legends på Facebook!

Ha en fin dag!

Oslo Legends

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